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Dental Gel 1-TDC - 120 capsules

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How It Works

When inflammation occurs most of the body’s responses are helpful in correcting the cause of the problem. However, some of the inflammatory changes can be destructive. This unwanted destructive reaction is especially important in periodontal disease – where bone loss can lead to loosening of teeth and their loss. In the joints inflammation leads to cartilage damage and changes in the joint lining.

The unique 1-TDC™ mixture of esterified monounsaturated fatty acids seems to help suppress these destructive processes. Research work is still ongoing to determine the precise biological pathways, but the beneficial results are clear to see and have been reported in leading scientific publications for Periodontology and Rheumatology.

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Hello PetSmile "Just to say a big thank you for your easy fast and efficient service for my order of dental gel capsules i will certainly use you again."
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