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The VetDentist and PetSmile Store
We have researched to find the best possible products to help care for the pets you love. We are focussed on oral care and trying to ensure the best possible oral health for your pets.

The products we include in our store are ones that we believe offer proven benefits to the long term health of your pet. We only offer products where we feel there is good scientific evidence for improvement in health.

If there are other products you feel we should evaluate - please do not hesitate to contact us. We also want to work with your own veterinary surgeons in providing the best possible care long term. So, with your permission, we share information with your local vet where we feel it will be of benefit for your pet's health.

Our aim is to help you provide the best possible care for the pets you love.

Most Popular Products

Dental Gel 1-TDC - 60 capsules

Dental Gel 1-TDC - 120 capsules

Genitrix Chew - Large

New Product

Hello PetSmile "Just to say a big thank you for your easy fast and efficient service for my order of dental gel capsules i will certainly use you again."
Kind regards , Derek John

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