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Dental Gel 1-TDC - 120 capsules

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Price: £48.00    


How To Use It


  • Under 11 kg (Cats and Small Dogs)
    1 capsule daily for 30 days and then 1 capsule every other day thereafter
    This represents an on-going cost of only about 20p per day!
  • Dogs over 11 kg
    2 capsules daily per 22 kg for 30 days and then 1 capsule daily per 22 kg thereafter.
    For a 22Kg dog this means on-going costs will only be about 40p per day!


  • For Oral / Periodontal Heath
    Cut the tip off the capsule. Gently squeeze the jelly like contents onto the upper gum on each side of the mouth. Most cats and dogs do not resent this; indeed most seem to like the taste! The action of the lips and the tongue will then move the gel around the gums. The absorption is very fast and the active ingredients are delivered right to the site of the problem.
    For the occasional really finickity cat you can simply apply the 1-TDC™ gel to the nose or the front paws. They will then lick it off.
  • For Joint Heath
    Simply give the capsule whole. But there is nothing wrong with getting the extra oral health benefit by applying the gel as above. The absorbed ingredients will be carried to the joints by the blood stream.

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Hello PetSmile "Just to say a big thank you for your easy fast and efficient service for my order of dental gel capsules i will certainly use you again."
Kind regards , Derek John